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The Bonsai House

Bonsai House in Venice, California, is a residential extension with a twist. The project, fairly modest in size, is a straightforward ADU but also a minimalist architecture viewing gallery created to house the private owner’s world-class collection of miniature Bonsai trees.
Beyond its carefully planned green areas and their connection to the interiors, the scheme spans across a side and rear extension to the existing structure, as well as a new pavilion building at the back of the garden. The new areas contain three new bedrooms, two spacious living rooms, and a garage – all carefully crafted by Dan Cooney Construction. The Bonsai House was awarded the AIA Merit Award in 2023.
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Full-Stack Contractor

We manage everything that has to do with the project, from start to finish. Dan Cooney and the team will become your quarterback, taking care of all the subcontractors, working with your architects, and any specialty trades needed during your project. This simplifies things and ensures the whole building looks and works as it should. We are in charge and make sure everything goes smoothly.

Digital Construction

We construct each project digitally, from the initial footings through framing to the final finishes.

Subcontractor Coordination

We communicate to subcontractors about the job site conditions they can anticipate before their installation phase.

Seamless Integration

The digital model serves as the blueprint for our construction process, resulting in enhanced accuracy, reduced wastage, and efficient project management.

Pioneering Innovation

Our “Digital to Physical” approach positions us as pioneers in the construction industry. We leverage technology to realize visions with unparalleled accuracy and creativity.

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Full-Service Contractor

We are a full-service construction management company that works collaboratively with architects and clients from pre-construction through project completion. We also offer estate management services for completed projects to maintain home appearance and ensure optimal functionality.

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Dan Cooney

His expertise lies not only in the craftsmanship of construction but also in his exceptional ability to lead and collaborate with various professionals, such as architects, contractors, specialty trades, and discerning homeowners. This collaborative approach has been instrumental in delivering outstanding results for his clients.

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